May 2, 2006

My sister used to work with a foster-shelter. The owner had to go away for a few years, and left one of her personal dogs in her care, because she was so trusted. His name was Tippy, a Newfoundland mix, rescued- a few years before my sister got him- from a kill shelter. When the owner left, my sister, Nicole, knew that the owner didn't really care about Tippy. She only cared about her other dog, Bessie.

Tippy was a sweet, basketball loving dog that loved his tennis balls and galloping around as a gentle giant. My sister soon found out he was not good with children (when I came over- 13 years old at the time- he snapped at me, and another time at a different child). She sent him back to the shelter, saying that he needed a new home (she knew that in the future, she would have children and would not want them endangered). She told them, several times, that he was not good with children.

The shelter obviously was not very smart- they sent him to a family with kids. Tippy did not like children, although he was usually a very kind dog. He was really stressed out from the move and missed his old pals, Lou and Bella. He was scared and snapped at a child. He didn't miss and sadly made the child cry.

The next day, Tippy lived no longer. It was all because of a mistake by the shelter that this very sweet dog was put to his death. I knew Tippy personally and he deserved another chance. He must have had a bad experience with children before.

When my mom told me the news, I burst out in tears. My sister was even more saddened, and her fiancee as well. Poor Tippy lost his life because of the shelter and because of his past.

Please stop this from happening! Please make sure, if you wish to adopt a dog from the shelter and have kids that it gets along fine with kids. You obviously don't want to have your kids harmed. I hope you also don't want to put an innocent dog to a permanent sleep.

R.I.P. Tippy


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